Vincent Pidone
"Music Cabinet"
Wood assemblage with encaustic and graphite. 30x40x2”
Included in Wired Gallery’s Art Foray in December
Assemblage, wood. 6x6x6” 
This and the prior two assemblages will be included in Wired Gallery’s Art Foray.
Assemblage, wood. 6x6x6”
Assemblage, wood. 6x6x6”
Encaustic pyramid in found box.
Encaustic with found objects.
Found object assemblage with encaustic pyramid.
"Practical Kinks" cyanotype from "found callotype." 

The two cyanotypes surrounding this text are made from “found callotypes.” That is found paper that has been treated with wax to make it transparent and then contact printed on cyanotype paper to make the image. No pixels were manipulated to make these images. No Photoshop. Just a new take on a couple of old processes.

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